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Zumex Vending



230V 50Hz


260kg / 573lb


950 (w) x 790 (d) x 1830mm (h)


30 seconds between each serving


Digital Programmer

Automatic self cleaning system

Zumex squeeze system warranty

R134 Ozone friendly

Zumex Vending

  • Zumex Minex
  • Zumex Essential
  • Zumex Versatile
  • Zumex Speed
  • Zumex Self Service
  • Zumex Multifruit
  • Zumex Versatile Podium
  • Zumex Speed Tank
  • Zumex Speed Self-Service
  • Zumex Speed Cooler
  • Zumex Mobile
  • Zumex Vending

The Zumex Vending fully automated floor standing vending machine for freshly squeezed orange juice. Includes an automatic self-cleaning system and can either be operated from mains water or a built-in water tank.

It only squeezes the exact amount to fill the glass and the juice is always chilled thanks to the cooling system. The Zumex Vending features an automatic self-cleaning system can be programmed according to the number of juices to be squeezed or timing.

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