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Zumex Speed Self-Service





104kg / 229lb


680 (w) x 720 (d) x 1760mm (h)


38 fruits per minute


Double magnetic safety detector

Automatic stainless steel tap for self service

Stainless steel stand

Electronic motor protection

Fruits up to 81mm diameter

15kg hopper capacity

Zumex Speed Self-Service

  • Zumex Minex
  • Zumex Essential
  • Zumex Versatile
  • Zumex Speed
  • Zumex Self Service
  • Zumex Multifruit
  • Zumex Versatile Podium
  • Zumex Speed Tank
  • Zumex Speed Self-Service
  • Zumex Speed Cooler
  • Zumex Mobile
  • Zumex Vending

The Zumex Speed Self-Service Podium is the perfect self-service juicer with automatic feeder and juice tank, giving a reliable and effective solution where demand is averaging well over 150 drinks per day. The Zumex Speed Self-Service Podium perfectly cuts, squeezes and juices oranges straight in front of the customers eyes taking an average of only 5 seconds per drink.

The stainless steel cabinet contains a large capacity hopper for peel waste and is fitted with wheels (and brakes) for easy mobility.

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