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Zumex Speed





60kg / 132lb


640 (w) x 620 (d) x 990mm (h)


32 fruits per minute


Double magnetic safety detector

Electronic motor protection

Fruits up to 81mm diameter

15kg hopper capacity

Available in standard or digital model

Zumex Speed

  • Zumex Minex
  • Zumex Essential
  • Zumex Versatile
  • Zumex Speed
  • Zumex Self Service
  • Zumex Multifruit
  • Zumex Versatile Podium
  • Zumex Speed Tank
  • Zumex Speed Self-Service
  • Zumex Speed Cooler
  • Zumex Mobile
  • Zumex Vending

The Zumex Speed is an absolute must if you want a show piece juicer and is the perfect choice for any juice bar, cafe, restaurant, hotel or leisure complex. It has an integrated juice tray with double filter for pulp while the high capacity hopper holds around 100 oranges allowing for extra ease of use while the machine squeezes an impressive 32 oranges per minute.

The Zumex Speed D is also available which features a digital console allowing a set number of fruits to be squeezed and also features full audit facilities.

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