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Why Zumex
Sejuice have been the sole distributor of Zumex products in Ireland since 2003 and are proud to have built a trusting relationship with such a quality brand.

Zumex and Sejuice have created and promoted revolutionary juicing systems. All our clients who have put their trust in us are certain that by purchasing our machines, they receive quality in addition to personalized attention from a dedicated team at our technical services departments that solve any type of problem in a fast, efficient manner.

The transparent juicing section of the products is a particularly big attraction. Allowing consumers to see the juicing process provides a major and attractive advantage over the other machines.

The consumer watches the natural juicing process and therefore appreciates this totally clean and hygienic process. The process is also completely automatic and the product is not touched at any time. Therefore the Zumex juicer, by itself, is an element that encourages and generates consumption.

The quality of internal and external parts and components - and the simplicity of their operation and handling - avoids complicated maintenance and breakdowns. Zumex products are very easy and quick to clean and these are the only basic requirements for the guaranteed success and profitability of the machine.

Our machines are manufactured with the state of the art technology and demonstrate the latest trends in design innovations. A Zumex machine in your business will differenciate you from other establishments, and consolidate your business activities to provide clients and customers with another reason to choose you over others.

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