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Sejuice was founded in Ireland by Marcus Donnellan in 1999. Since then, Marcus has been travelling back and forth to Spain researching the newest ranges and technologies in juicers and blenders. Since 2003, Sejuice have been the official distributor dedicated solely to Zumex products in Ireland.

Marcus has always loved the fact that all Spanish bars, supermarkets, patisserie's, restaurants, even nightclubs, sell their orange juice freshly squeezed - using the Zumex range of products. Sejuice aim to provide overall solutions to the needs of all our customers involved in the process of preparing freshly-squeezed juice.

Providing healthy and natural products is a top priority for us. Orange juice is a refreshing drink with great nutritional value, providing high quantities of vitamins, fibre and mineral salts to our body.

Refrigerated, pasteurized, or preserved juices lose a major part of their taste, flavour and smell qualities - whereas the healthy properties of freshly squeezed orange juice are unlimited - including essential vitamins and elements which help prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of cancer.

We provide the assurance that the fruit juice is going to be prepared in front of you. No containers. No preservatives. Only fruit and our juicers.


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