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It doesn’t take very long for you to reap the rewards of having a Zumex juicer at your business. With a little promotion your costs can be recouped in a very short time.

A 16oz glass of fresh orange juice sells for an average price of €3.00. A 16oz glass of fresh orange juice only requires about 8 oranges to produce. It's only going to cost you 40c to produce a beverage that sells for €3.00 That leaves you with a €2.60 profit! Simply sell 25 16oz glasses of fresh orange juice a day and your new Zumex Orange Juice Machine will pay for itself in just a few months!

Profit Breakdown:*
€65 Daily
€1,977 Monthly
€23,725 Annually

*Figures based on the sale of 25 16oz glasses per day.


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